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We believe that our employees are the best in the industry. How can we say that? Because the success of our company is reliant on fulfilling our commitment to our customers. Without a truly dedicated, comprehensively trained team of service-oriented employees, we would be unable to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Therefore, the number one quality that we look for in an applicant is the desire to serve others. We look for candidates who are willing, ready, and able to work, learn, and serve.

When we hire employees, we never simply seek to fill janitorial positions. Our goal is to hire our future supervisors and business leaders.

Through continually offering additional training and development opportunities to our employees, they are empowered to succeed, take pride in their work, and to grow and develop professionally.

Once hired, all of our employees undergo a thorough training program focusing on customer service, professional conduct, proper cleaning procedures, and safety guidelines.

Prior to making any offer of employment, we conduct a comprehensive background review, including a criminal record check, professional reference check, prior employment verification, and education verification.


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Bob Gulino

Bob has been with us since 2012. He does an excellent job overseeing the pressure washing of our residential and commercial contracts.

Julio Molina

Julio has been with us since 2010. He does fantastic work training new employees and doing monthly inspections.